February 24, 2007

Writing in first person??!!

I started yet another book last night and something about it makes me want to write it in first person. I've heard some people love books in first person while others hate it. For this book, though, I feel as if it needs to be in first person for the full effect and for it to accomplish what I want it to.

I can always write it and transform it later if I change my mind, which would be alot of work, but could be done nonetheless. I'm nervous that first person doesn't get the best reviews from readers. What do you think? Do you like first person novels? Do they work well in fantasy settings? Anything about any first person novels you've read that you would change? Let me know, I would love to hear your feedback!

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Diane Craver said...

It depends on the book. I have enjoyed reading several books in first person, but I prefer to read third person. The strange thing is I enjoy writing in first person, but I noticed some readers do seem to like the books I wrote in third person the best.