February 23, 2007


I ran across this link while I was searching for inspiration for a book I want to write and submit to Samhain Publishing. I started a search on incubus and succubus for some reason, I can't remember exactly why??!

It's pretty interesting to say the least and I think I might have the start to a really great book idea...Yippee...maybe I'll kick that nasty block I've been having! If you want to check it out, click below!


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Larissa said...

Oh, I LOVE incubi!!!! My Demon E.R. books are about incubus brothers who run the hospital. If you enjoy erotica, try Louisa Burton's new book, House of Dark Delights...incubi, succubi...it's FANTASTIC.

So write your incubus/succubus story--I'll read it! :)