February 21, 2007

Email or Snail Mail Queries?

Which is better? Being fairly new at the "finding an agent", "get published" world, I've discovered a whole bucket full of things that are quite amazing. For instance, I never really thought that agents or publishers would accept queries by email. The fact that they do accept email queries makes life easier for us writers and the forests (cutting down on paper). Is it easier for the agent/publisher?

It's great that there is so much diversity out there. I've found agents who will accept nothing but a snail mail query with SASE included and agents who will accept nothing but an email query. Most give detailed descriptions of what the query should look like also, even posting an example query to make it simpler for us newbie submitters. I find that awesome. Because for me that was a ray of hope. Maybe not so much for my work being considered but rather safety from looking like a complete uneducated fool to the agent I was submitting to.

I'll admit, I'm fresh off the stack, as new as they come. I can say I've written my entire life, but without credentials or a degree backing me up, does that matter? So, thank you to all those agents who are kind enough to spell out exactly what they are looking for!

I've always been in love with the written and spoken word, but this is really the time when I've decided to go for it. I've always been fearful my writing wasn't adequate. But, that is how we get better, by being rejected, critiqued. All I have to say is........let the rejection begin!

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