April 30, 2007

My Scholarship Image

I will be starting web design classes here in about a week and was introduced for the chance to win a $10,000 scholarship to The Art Institute. I'm excited about htis becasue the program I'm going for is $16,000.

The entries will be posted at The Art Insitute on May 14 and all the contestants are supposed to invite their friends and families to vote for their image. I will be making the rounds for that, let me tell you! I used my Bayou Summons image and added some stuff. I thought it turned out fairly nice.

My New Site......

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I last posted, but I was sweating bullets trying to get my MS doen in time for my Bayou Summons May 1 deadline. I did it, sent in today, got it in just in the nick of time.

Okay, this is a preview of the site that Dawn at DAGIAN DESIGNS is building for me. She's incorporating flash also, so it should be killer by the ime it's done!!! I can't wait! I will be sure and let everyone know when it's up and running!

April 13, 2007


I'm going to faint. *taking deep breaths* It's too bad nobody is here to pick me up off the floor......because..... (drumroll, please)


I'm sorry I'm yelling, but I really, seriously can not help it!!!!

Here's how it went, I sent the query along with the synopsis and first three chapters. ONE day later, they emailed me requesting the full MS. I wasn't expecting that and am loath to admit that I didn't have it finished, so I said I would send it in by the end of the weekend.

She emailed me back, then asked about my cover art. AT this point, I had three more chapters done, so I sent that along with my reply.

Less than an hour later, she emailed me saying she wanted it, was impressed with how polished it was and that she was sure it would sell fast!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! Then she told me she would be sending me the contract TOMORROW and not to rush, take my time with the rest of the MS......

Is anyone else feeling my excitement?????????

A dream come true!!! I never ever really htought I would be published, I have to be honest, not to mention with not even half a MS!!

I'm flying super duper high! Need some high fives, ya'll......rofl...not only have I been offered my very first contract, but I've also gotten another cover artist position!!

The publisher is DARK EDEN PRESS and if you're writer, check them out! They're seeking submissions!!!

April 12, 2007

"Sinless Rogue" Manuscript Request

Twilight Fantasies has requested my manuscript for "Sinless Rogue"! I'm ecstatic!! I still have some tweaking to do before I can send it off, so I better get to work!

COS Productions Film Night

I am co-hosting the COS Productions film night at THE ROMANCE GALLERIA this Friday, April 13 at 9 pm eastern/ 8 pm central time. Join us for a night filled with interactive chat and book trailer previews!

If you haven't yet been to the Galleria, here's what you need to do......

Visit the link above and download the software, only takes a minute and has caused no problems with my computer.......sign in...then, Voila! Enter the most exciting 3D environment for romance authors and readers alike!

I hope I see you there!

April 10, 2007

Dagian Designs

Last week I visited REBECCA GOINGSsite and was very impressed, so I followed the link at the bottom to her designer's website, DAGIAN DESIGNS. For those who aren't new to author websites, you might already know of them. DAGIAN DESIGNS does flash video trailers, websites and book covers. I have been in an exhausting search to find a flash website designer, so imagine my thrill when I happened upon them!

I jumped the gun a little bit with my new site, thinking that the flash idea I had just wasn't working, and now, I'm talking to DAGIAN DESIGNS about the possiblity of designing a site for me. She says that dark romance is her specialty, so I'm thrilled to have found them. What I'll do is eliminate my original site, keep the new site for my art and use the site the site that DAGIAN DESIGNS creates for me as my official site.

Confusing, huh? rofl.....if you have time, check this awesome designer out. Supremely talented and so cool, the trailers left me breathless!

April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, everyone! I have a Spring contest going on at my new site! All you have to do is email me a comment about the new site and I'll enter you into a drawing to win, yes, you guessed it, a FREE animated banner! LOL

What are your plans for the day? Mine include starting on the next cover from Lavender Isis Press and trying to finish the revisions on Whisper Moon. We celebrated yesterday, went to an easter egg hunt and devoured candy all day long. Today my son is with his dad, so I'm using the holiday to try and catch up on stuff!

I hope you and yours have a beautiful Easter, filled with warmth, candy and lots of pretty colored eggs!


Okay, everyone.....my new site is up and live, though it still needs work. I'm in the process of installing a flash desing, so I'll probably be back in a few days to tell you that, yet again, something's changed, rofl.

If you want, hop on over and take a peek.....


April 07, 2007

THE DREAM KING Cover is done!

Say hello to The Dream King cover! This is my first official cover! So, what do you think? I had so much fun making it. The Dream King will be available May 2007 at LAVENDER ISIS PRESS.


At the beginning of each night during the witching hour, Amanda Carson travels to a place veiled with illusion and lives for the touch of a forgotten love. A man unlike any other calls to her across a shadowy midnight world.

She relives magical battles and the heated caresses of a man who seems more alive than any dream. But, little does she realize that the man of her dreams is indeed real and seeking her with the greatest of intensity.

April 05, 2007

New Site Coming Soon!

So, I have finally purchased my domain and have set up a new site host. I did this because my current site is set up for more of a products business, and I'm quite limited as to what I can do with it. With this new site I should be able to add flash as well as create the template from the ground up.

I'm probably also going to host a new blog there as well. I will keep this one as active as I can, but for the most part, my main blog will be hosted on my new site once I get it set up. I might do duplicate postings so that each one is current, but I haven't made up my mind as of yet.

Not sure this was such a good idea with everything I have going, but.....it needed to be done!

April 04, 2007

RIDING THE STORM by Sydney Croft

I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek at this upcoming release. Thanks, Larissa! (wink) I haven't read it all the way through yet, but it's one of those where you can't wait to get to the end. My fingers have been itching with wanting to finish it.

I'm almost thinking about shirking my revision duties for my latest MS so that I can dive into it again. I got lost when I began reading and when I came up for air, a half hour had gone by. It drowned out the noise of the kids yelling and sucked me right in!

If you have a chance, check it out! RIDING THE STORM will be available soon from Bantam Dell. You can also Preorder from Amazon at Sydney's site!



I am changing the blog and it's template,please excuse the mess!!!!

April 01, 2007

A Really Scary Ghost Story by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

Recently Llewellyn published a book with the intriguing title, Don’t Call Them Ghosts. That made me remember some of the various “ghosts” I have encountered in my life. And the many stories I’ve heard over the years.Perhaps we shouldn’t call true “spiritual survivors” ghosts – but it is still a good enough term for many paranormal encounters until the nature of the experience is better understood.

Many years ago I had a really scary experience that taught me a few lessons about the personal nature of paranormal encounters and the problem of pre-judgement. I knew a lady and knew that she “played around” even though she was married to a nice and successful guy, had two fine children and a good professional career. In those days, I drove a convertible and on a warm autumn evening I had the top down. I had been working late and as a I drove through downtown on the way home I heard a newsboy shout (that’s how long ago this happened) “St. Paul woman shot in motel room.”

To read the rest of this article visit LLEWELLYN JOURNAL.

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The Llewellyn Journal -- www.llewellynjournal.com
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