April 10, 2007

Dagian Designs

Last week I visited REBECCA GOINGSsite and was very impressed, so I followed the link at the bottom to her designer's website, DAGIAN DESIGNS. For those who aren't new to author websites, you might already know of them. DAGIAN DESIGNS does flash video trailers, websites and book covers. I have been in an exhausting search to find a flash website designer, so imagine my thrill when I happened upon them!

I jumped the gun a little bit with my new site, thinking that the flash idea I had just wasn't working, and now, I'm talking to DAGIAN DESIGNS about the possiblity of designing a site for me. She says that dark romance is her specialty, so I'm thrilled to have found them. What I'll do is eliminate my original site, keep the new site for my art and use the site the site that DAGIAN DESIGNS creates for me as my official site.

Confusing, huh? rofl.....if you have time, check this awesome designer out. Supremely talented and so cool, the trailers left me breathless!


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