February 23, 2007

Writer's Block....

Gotta love it. Or hate it. Or curse at it and scream at the top of your lungs while pulling out every strand of your hair. I'm completely over-hauling Whisper Moon. There are different venues I want to take with it now that I've researched a bit more into what specific genres I want to get involved with.

It's really hard for me, though. My mood switches from day to day, sometimes hour to hour. One day I want to write a steamy erotica and the other I want to write a more tame fantasy romance. I get 5 chapters into it, then for whatever reason I have to stop (son needing me, errands) and when I come back to it I've completely lost my focus and whatever motivated me to start it in the first place.

So I have about 10 novels just waiting for me to put them out of their misery, to drop the proverbial hammer and give them their end. I can imagine some of my characters are a tad disturbed, suspended in mid-air.

I think I might back off a little, try to find some inspiration and pray that I can hang on to it long enough for it to be seared into my brain. Going to see GhostRider tonight with my son might just do the trick.

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