February 20, 2007

"Whisper Moon"

A glance at the first book in my "Natural Realm" trilogy. I've decided to do a little tweaking, so this might change down the road. I thought it would be fun to see how my concept of the book would change as I submitted it to agents. Here goes........

Whisper Moon is a magical romance set in present time in rural Missouri. Siddalee Roarke is the main character and a woman who has just been dumped by her fiancé, Baine. Sidda struggles to overcome the loss of her love and to make ends meet with her growing herbal company, where she sells soaps and remedies. Life is looking ominous and dark until things start to change.

Sidda begins to realize her destiny, she is a descendant of Flidais, the Irish Goddess of the Forest, charged to help and protect animals and all things natural. With the aid of Flidais, who comes to her in dreams, she also discovers that she is able to shape-shift into the animals of the forest. Sidda, a woman who knows nothing of her ancestors or her heritage, begins to unfold the secret story of where she came from, where she belongs and who she really is, something she’s struggled with since childhood.

Danger lurks in the air when Alsandair, a dark god from the natural realm, begins to plot his revenge on Flidais and all her descendants for defeating him when he tried to overthrow the Irish Goddess and take control of the forest thousands of years ago.

The only hope of restoring and maintaining safety for all creatures, animals and humans alike, is Baine, and his return to Sidda’s arms. For Baine is also a descendant of a magical God who lives and loves with Flidais; Ahern, the Lord of the Horses. Baine slowly learns the truth, that he belongs with Sidda and to conquer the evil that is thriving in the riotous nature of their spirtual birth, they first have to conquer what stands in their way, each other.

Sidda and Baine find their way back to each other and with their combined power, overcome Alsandair and his viscous scheme only to discover that the fight for peace has just begun. A new war is raging close to home, Sidda’s best friend, Brady is now at the forefront. It is her turn to travel towards her destiny and fight the whole way there.

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