February 26, 2007

Submission to Samhain

Well, last night I swallowed my feelings of unworthiness and submitted Whisper Moon to Samhain. The discovery of what the book has become is astounding. It took a life of it's own and is nowhere near the book I had originally planned. Which, I guess could be a good thing. Maybe that means the muse is shoving me to the side and saying, "Hey, scoot over. I can do so much better than that."

And she has, although I'm a little frightened at how complicated she has made the plot and how much different the book is from my original concept, but I'm sure we can come to terms and collaborate. It's now the story of werewolves with wings that protect the human world from the evil lurking in The Natural Realm.

It's so complicated(shaking my head and lol). Of course, it just feels like that to me because I'm not so sure I should've come up with such unusual creatures. I proposed Whisper Moon as the first book in a trilogy set. The second book will be wrapped around vampires and the third will involve witchcraft, with each book essentially using these strange characters as Guardians of The Natural Realm. That's the break down of it, anyway.

I will be praying with my fingers and toes crossed with one hand over my heart, silently chanting an oath to be the best writer I can be (sort of like the girl scout's honor) until I feel a little better about this, rofl.

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Ciar Cullen said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about Wizard of Time, and very, very best wishes with your Samhain submission. Fingers and toes crossed for you!