February 23, 2007

Ghost Rider = Four Stars!

Saw it tonight with my son! It was awesome! Although, I do have to say that I wouldn't recommend it for young children. Initially I had spoke to some family friends who had seen it and taken their young children and they assured me that not only was it a great movie but that it was suitable for a five year old.

Wrong....in my opinion. The villain is pretty darn scary and a few times I almost wanted to look away and that's saying something, lol. All in all it was a great movie but I regret bringing my son. He absolutely loved it and is sleeping like a baby as we speak so it couldn't have frightened him too much! Just a nervous mom, I guess.

Seriously folks, if you like superhero or fantasy movies, you have got to see this one! It's up there with my top ten now!

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