February 21, 2007

Changes to Whisper Moon

I've decided to change Whisper Moon quite a bit. After pouring over the plot and characters until 2 am this morning, I realized it needed a change for it to flow better and for it to fit into the fantasy genre a little more. I'm going to make two revisions, one of them will be the version I send to all publishers, the other will be the version I will be sending to Silhouette Nocturne, a publishing house under Silhouettte, geared towards dark, sensual romance titles.

I've got my fingers crossed in the Nocturne submission, because in truth, that is where my passion lives. I want to write dark, magical titles that can allow me to create worlds and characters that aren't usually acceptable to other houses.

One of the changes I will be making to both versions is that Sidda and Baine will not have a history. Instead, they will meet for the first time on the ranch where Sidda is renting her farmhouse.

I'm off to start the process once again.....

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