February 22, 2007

Ghost Rider....gonna see it!

My whole life I have lived in a fantasy life so it's only natural that I have an unstoppable affintiy for comic books and superheroes. I own almost every Marvel and superhero movie they have come out with.

I've passed this obsession on to my son, I think. It's so much fun sharing the excitement with him when a new superhero movie comes out. Truly, I get as excited as he does. And this weekend, I'm going to take him to see Ghost Rider.

I've visited the website, watched the clips and tried to determine if it is suitable for a five year old. From everything I've seen, it doesn't look much worse than anything he can easily see on ABC these days. I'm amazed at what they show on regular tv, which is why we don't usually watch the tube unless it's a movie about something super or magical.

I feel like jumping up and down at the thought of seeing it, seriously.....I am a big kid. And what a great way to celebrate my offer of representation from The Children's Literary Agency! Celebrate good times, c'mon!

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