June 21, 2007

St. Louis Lore

So, I've started research for my non-fiction regional ghost book. I've tentatively title it "St. Louis Lore" and I think I might stick with that one. The book will be a compilation of supernatural experiences in and around the St. Louis area. The curve to my book is that it won't all be famous stories, stories that have been included over and over again in every St. Louis Haunting book ever written. Take the Lemp Mansion, for instance, that one is so popular that it's mentioned in every regional ghost book of the St. Louis area that I've ever read. The publisher is giving me full freedom to pretty much use whatever information and stories I want. So, what I'm doing is this.......I'm asking around, interviewing real people and getting their take on what experiences they've had.

So, far I have interviews set up with Doug and Scott, the hosts of GHOSTLY TALK PARANORMAL RADIO, Tracy, founding investigator and videographer and Tanya "Ice Queen" Strief, paranormal photographer and investigator with MO PARANORMAL RESEARCH. I'm very excited about these interviews! I am possibly meeting with Tanya this coming Monday to conduct her interview.

When I was researching yesterday, I found this list : THE SHADOWLANDS. I was amazed at all the "paranormality" that isn't too far from me. The one that intrigued me the most is under St. Louis and is labeled Rose Hill. Apparently the ghost of a young girl who was murdered on the road while stranded helps strangers get over the hill. Very interesting stuff.....that will definitely go into the book.

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