June 10, 2007

An adventure to say the least......

So, I went camping this weekend. This seemed like a very good idea with my mom having a seizure and me needing a break from the everyday. Yes, it seemed like a perfect way to relax and unwind, lol.

After packing up two vehicles with four kids, numerous camping junk and high hopes for a great getaway, we headed out. We had a late start, but I was positively beaming with endless optimism. We pulled up to pay for a spot and I fainted when they said...."All full....you can try Logan Wildlife down the highway, if you'd like."

I had never heard of this place, and yet, it wasn't even 50 miles from where we live. That should've told me something. A big fat SOMETHING should've clicked in my brain, saying..."hhhmmm....not sure about this." But, alas, nothing clicked. And after confering, the three adults concluded that we hadn't packed and hauled all thi shit for nothing, so we were going to find a place to camp and that was that.

Now, Logan Wildlife is a conservation area. Which, in Missouri, means any number of things. You got shooting ranges,2,000 acres of looming wilderness and LOTS of drunk people who go there to stay low on the radar, if ya know what I mean. Like I said, nothing like that clicked, though.

45 minutes later, we are still driving around the 2,000 acres of looming wilderness trying to find the "supposed" campground that was on the "map". In all this time, we hadn't passed anyone or anything. The sun was setting, and so naturally, my writer's imagination kicked into high gear. Getting panicky, I see a campfire on one of the lakes and what I thought were two old men sitting by it. So, I get out of the car, head halfway over to the duo when I have this creepy feeling come over me. So, I stop and figure being rude at this point will just have to suffice.
I cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled........"Sorry to bother you, but do you think you could tell me where the campground is?"

The two exchanged glances before answering. Imagine my utter surprise and shock when instead of a raspy old man's voice, I hear that of a young man, whom I can tell is very much in his prime. This is what he said....."Go back up here.....then make a right, you'll run right into it."
I'm thinking....good, we're making progress. We don't have to abandon the weekend after all. I'm two steps away when he hollers back....."Was that all you needed?" I heard his friend give a laugh.

"Yep, that was all, thank you kindly, " was my reply. I get to the van and begin reciting the directions to my mom when a blinding light pierces the near dusk murkiness. I shielded my eyes and looked and it was a truck. Obviously, the truck belonged to the men I had just spoken to. I could hear them laughing again and I took a step closer to the truck and saw that nobody was inside. They had started it with one of those remote starters. See, there's a reason I feel young men need a good whipping, lol.

Anyhoo.....we get back in, a little creeped out by the punks, but, none the worse for wear. We're headed in the blessed direction of camp when .....POP.......there goes my tire. In the middle of nowhere, on a conservation that is deserted with two weird young men down the road yonder.
The only thing left to do was get out, throw what I could in my mom's van and head for safety and at this point, we didn't know where in the hell that was, lol. We're transferring items when I see headlights rushing towards us, fast. My stomach sank and I yelled at everybody to get in....now. I jumped in the driver's seat, causing my mom to get in on the passenger side and hightailed it. They were seriously following us.

I've never drove so fast on a gravel road in my life, and that's saying summin, cause I practically live on 'em, lol. We got to the highway fine, but it was a little scary. We ended up getting a hotel room and the next day went to our first choice in camping sites and they actually had a spot open! So, we got to camp for one night and also got to hang out at the river.
This gave me the best story idea.............LMAO.

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