June 14, 2007

The Painted Veil

There's something about Edward Norton that has always captivated me. So, yesterday when I needed a big break form the computer and work, I took a trip to the video store and was in the mood for two types of movies.....vamp and romance, lol. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm weird.

When The Painted Veil initially came out, I wasn't very interested, it looked like one of those old fashioned "squishy" types of romances. I was half right, half wrong. It was squishy at the end, but other than that, it was eerily real and reminded me of how massively the human race screws up when it comes to love. I recognized all the emotions in the film, from both the man and woman and it made me ache to think that sometimes, before we know it, the very thing we keep ourselves from is the one thing that can save us, be our balm when all the rest of the world only lets us down.

This is a great story of "seize the day". A movie that will make you want to go make love to your husband and thank goodness for his existence in your world. I'm not sure if I would give it a glowing review, but I can say it moved me on several levels.

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