June 20, 2007

Simply Peeved....

Okay, I first must mention that I've had one hell of a horrible day.....so....on with my rant.

Today while perusing through various romance sites and links, I came across one I found really interesting. It's a critique and networking group from it's description. I was a little put off that the last blog entry hadn't been since March.....but I thought...what the hey?....this seems like a nice bunch of writers. My bad.

I "applied" with an email and a sample of writing per their request and was promptly gotten back to with a snide email that said something like this: ".....you seem like a nice enough person, however we are not turning your request down based upon that, rather your apparent lack of writing ability."

A tad too brass, if ya ask me.....a simple "...thank you, but we're all full..." or "thank you but we're declining your request" would've worked for me...instead they insult my writing while they're at it?? Talk about kicking a dog when it's down.

Naturally, this email upset me. It was rude and very unprofessional, so I had a look see around some of the "writers" sites that are listed under their members area. Low and Behold ~~~only two of their almost 20 writer members are actually published.

Please, someone tell me how I can have three....count 'em three (and I'm not bragging here, just trying to prove a point) contracts for my romances and another contract for a non-fiction if I can't write worth shit??? I know I'm not the best and I certainly know that I am bound to make mistakes....but here I am letting these know-it-alls make me feel like poo on their shoe. I seriously considered replying to the email and apologizing for wasting such a wonderful and well known author's time. But, I won't do that....I'm bigger than that and besides, who has the contracts instead of a stinky critique group?

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