June 20, 2007

Blogging Meanie-ness

Ok......I had planned on coming back after I had cooled off from the event that I wrote about in my previous post, but apparently, the powers that be just want to provoke me today. As mentioned in the post before this one, I have been browsing lots of sites and blogs. I want to do exactly what everyone has been telling me to do; research, make friends, network, get yourself out there, be aware of the industry.

Well, I've done just that and am appalled at what I've seen. I may be a newbie in the publishing world and I don't have much of a head for business either, but it seems to me that there are way too many meanies out there. I have seen on several (particularly one) blogs (writer's blogs) that people who can't write need to stop going around and having the nerve to say they're writers.

Now, who is to judge something like that? Are you a good writer? In my opinion it could be yes, in another opinion, maybe no. But what flippin right does one writer have to call everyone who doesn't spell "mischievous" right a no-good lump of wasted space? It's their blog, I know, so they can say whatever they want, but so can I, lol.

I understand that there are some out there who call themselves writers and really can't write a sentence to save their lives, but I certainly wouldn't publicly humiliate and group all "non-spelling" authors into a useless mass of goo. After all, isn't that what editors are for? Before you react to that......

I love and respect editors and if it wasn't for mine, my books wouldn't be to the level they are at now, but that's what they are there for. They have a tough and frustrating job, but they do it. If every author/writer were a serious stickler on grammar and punctuation, would there be enough "gusto" or imagination to back all that fancy grammar up? Nope, didn't think so.

So, here's to all of you editors (*waving* to Billi) who keep us authors from being a big stinking mass of goo....oh...and poo on those who use other's weaknesses to make them seem more than what they really are.

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J. H. Bográn said...

Sorry you had such a rough day. But don't worry, this too, will pass! ;)
I agree with you that editors are often unappreciated,they do make your novel better but it's only the author's name that gets to be on the cover. Now, I do see a difference between an editing job and a collaboration one, hell I've done both!
Anyway, hope tomorrow is a better day for you....