March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that My Dream Man Would Never Do

1.) He would never wear loafers.
2.) He would never forget to say "bless you".
3.) He would never wear those gay looking shirts that are really tight.
4.) He would never abuse an animal.
5.) He would never call me "Melissa".
6.) He would never ask me to turn out the light.
7.) He would never call me crazy, he'd be crazy with me.
8.) He would never put down my dreams.
9.) He would never downplay the struggles of single mother-hood.
10.) He would never put his wants in front of mine.
11.) He would never tell me I'm "silly", he'd sing along with me in the grocery store.
12.) He would never turn down the radio whilst I'm in the middle of a serious boogie session.
13.) He would never laugh at my stories.

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