March 29, 2007

Thirteen Things I have to do while Writing

1.)I buy airheads (ya know, those taffy-like things?) and suck on them.

2.)I cannot write while music is playing, if it has lyrics. Cause I'm the idiot who has to sing along, and before you know it, the lyrics have somehow ended up on my page.

3.)I have a tendency to stop the flow and try to analyze. I forget that I can always come back and fix it, that to have the skeleton of the story will allow me to go back and perform literary surgery.

4.)Faith in myself....this is a hard one, took me a while to get there.

5.)I have to have my slipper shoes on.

6.)Then I have to take them off, leaving them lay below the chair.

7.)I have to sit indian-style in the chair. I'm very short, although my legs touch the ground, it's still very uncomfortable for the backs of my legs.

8.)I have to have Hershey's for when my airhead supply runs out.

9.)Something to drink, used to be Pepsi, but lately I've been getting sick whenever I drink it, so now it's Sprite or Kool-aid or those Capri-Sun's that I buy (supposedly) for my son...hehehehehe

10.)Everyone is going to hate this one, but I have to take a smoke break....hey, let's not discriminate here, ok?? LOL, I only smoke a few a day and it's always when I'm writing. (excuses, excuses, is what you're thinking, huh??) I take a pen and notebook outside with me when I've hit a dead end and I fuel back up.

11.)I have to have comfy pants on, I just simply can't write in jeans. Tried it, hated it.

12.)Inspiration in my head. A particular image or picture there of what I'm trying to write about.

13.)Lastly, I have to pinch myself. There's no way I have the chance to actually pursue there?? I know I'm dreaming.

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Tempest Knight said...

Oh, I also need to have something to drink! My favorite was Vanilla Coke until they took it out of the market. (the bastards...!) Now it's a bottle of water. Heh!

Y said...

Very cool list Missy! You know, I can't eat or drink anything while I'm typing away. :/

Add me to your T13 please.



LDFerris said...

Ah Missy... I too must be super comfy, have something to snack on and a drink but I absolutely must have music!

A lot of my plot twists come from the music I listen to, but I also find that when writing a story I have to listen to one album or playlist through the whole thing, different music everyday totally just screws with my head!