March 10, 2007 it's not thursday, lol

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. People used to call me "Messy" or "Sissy Missy".
2. I loathed the name in elementary school.
3. I was the ONLY Missy or Melissa in elementary school.
4. When I got to High School, there were about 200 other Melissa's.
5. My middle name, Sue, comes from my mom's memories of feeding the pigs on the farm she was raised on..."Sueeeee, Sueeeeee, piggy piggies." ROFL, she said that was her favorite time of the day, go figure!
6. My name is Greek
7. Melissa means "Honey Bee"
8 Growing up, all of my family and friends called me Missy Sue, especially my mom (unless I was in trouble).
9. If I heard Melissa Sue, I knew I was in BIG trouble.
10. To this day if someone calls me Melissa, I cringe, expecting to be reprimanded, lol.
11. Hanson (my last name) is really my apopted father's name.
12. I was born as Melissa Sue Lehman.
13. My favorite thing to be called isn't Missy Sue or Melissa, it's Mommy. =)

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Tilly Greene said...

After all the "grrr" over your name, you've still found the bet one of all - loved 13 :-)