March 05, 2007

Offering Design Services

I love to create graphics. It's become an addiction alongside my writing. I am now offering my design services on my website. I have some basic prices set -

For static buttons or plugs, using Author's cover art - $3.00

For Static banners using Author's cover art - $5.00

For Animated banners or buttons (3-4 layers), using Author's cover art - $8.00

For cover art - email for a quote.

I've been amazed at the impact of link swapping and plugboard advertising. At first I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but after I began plugging away and displaying my link wherever possible, there was a significant difference in the traffic to my site. It grew overnight practically. Especially when you have catchy, unique graphics, it grabs people. So, if you have any questions about my graphics, please feel free to EMAIL ME.

P.S. You can find examples of my graphics on my site. I made the webset, the cover art for my books and the banners on the Cover Art page.

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