May 20, 2007

This was a poem I wrote with my baby sister. When I asked her what she thought I should write, she calmly looked me in the face and said..."You should write about Leah, a blue horse with wings." So, she and I sat down and came up with this together. It was lots of fun having her input and whenever I need some imagination, I go to her.

"Leah Blue"
written by Summer Hake and Missy Sue Hanson

In a valley, not so far and not too near,
I met a horse from whom I had nothing to fear.

Her name was Leah and she was blue,
and I'm almost certain that of her kind there are seldom few.

Her coat was a blue so bright
it sparkled and shimmered in the morning light.

I thought for sure I was seeing things when at that very moment,
sparkly blue Leah went and sprouted wings.

White wings that glimmered like glitter
and as I took a step back I observed that they really did fit her.

For magical and mystical she seemed to be
when she turned that beautiful blue head and looked at me.

The air seemed to sizzle and actually quite tickled.
Despite myself, I let out a giggle.

Things changed fast as I saw a shadow glowing over Leah's long nose
for that shadow had a unicorn horn to show.

And for all the magic I had just witnessed
I stood on my tip-toes and gave her a big kiss.

I stroked her glistening blue mane
and together in that valley,
we played where lilies had lain.

I know what you want to ask....... how do I know a blue horse with a unicorn horn and eagle wings?
Well, she exists in only my dreams.

So, I make sure to brush my teeth,
kiss my mommy and daddy and fall asleep fast
to make sure my Leah doesn't skip past.

Because, you see
it is only in my dreams
that I can make that special trip to
a valley not so far and not too near
where there waits my Leah Blue,
the horse that takes me on journeys I can't make
when I'm awake.

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Tempest Knight said...

Awww... This is great... :)