May 19, 2007

GOTHIC BLUE by Portia Da Costa

Gothic Blue - coverGOTHIC BLUE - Portia Da Costa

'What are you going to do to me?' Belinda asked defiantly. 'Beat me or something?

Smack my bottom? I'm sure that's what you decadent aristocrats live for - a chance to humiliate the lower orders.' Even as she was speaking, this idea - which should have seemed horrendous - was becoming highly exciting.

At an archduke's reception, a handsome young nobleman falls under the spell of a malevolent but irresistible sorceress.

Two hundred years later, Belinda Seward also falls prey to sensual forces she can neither understand nor control. Stranded by a thunderstorm at a remote Gothic priory, Belinda and her boyfriend are drawn into an enclosed world of luxurious decadence and sexual alchemy.

Their host is the courteous but melancholic Andre Von Kastel; a beautiful aristocrat who mourns his lost love. He has plans for Belinda - plans which take her into the realms of obsessive love and the erotic paranormal.

"Above all else, Gothic Blue is a romance. There are plenty of supernatural elements, and more than plenty erotic interludes. Portia Da Costa does many things very well: plot, characterisation and (in the case of this title) she injects a credible suggestion of the supernatural in a realistic world. She's renowned for writing sex scenes that are so hot they sizzle and, in Gothic Blue, she does not disappoint."
~ Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers and Writers Association

"Packed with sex and kink, this is a novel that still retains a mysterious and powerful air. A hint of the supernatural is mixed with a fun gothic setting as a tale of intertwining romances is told by Da Costa with aplomb. A highly recommended novel"
~ E.T.O – Issue 44 March 07"the sex is relentlessly intense!" ~ Forum

ISBN 0352330759

Originally published by Black Lace in 1996 - new reprint April 2007 [US]

Read an excerpt at Portia's Prose [NB. excerpt is NC 17 and suitable for adults only]

Gothic Blue
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